Replicas are everywhere. Don’t be fooled.

Get a Genuine Authentic IceLink Watch with all of its certificates and paperwork. Don’t be fooled by scammers on the grey market - selling via eBay or other third party e-commerce solutions is regularly safe and straight forward, however you can run into the occasional unscrupulous seller. Some people don’t know they have a fake. That is also not their fault.

Replicas Are Visibly Different

How are IceLink Authentic products different from all the fakes floating around Online?

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IceLink Logo Misplacement
The IceLink Logo on the Backplate is usually misplaced and off-center
Serial Number Mismatch
Calling IceLink Watch Company directly can help you avoid buying a fake. IceLink can check if and where a serial number exists.
Size & Ratio Mismatch
Unfortunately, the replicas IceLink watches are nothing close in quality and design in comparison to other watch company replicas. An IceLink replica is visibly skewed in size and ratio….If it looks too long, too thin, or too wide, it’s most likely a replica— worth nothing.
Movement & Straps
IceLink Authentic products have Genuine IceLink straps and Genuine IceLink Swiss Movements. Anything else is just a fake!
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