You’ve got Questions. We’ve Got the Answers!

A: Please go to the Warranty & Repair Section of our website. Read the instructions and fill out the form accurately. Print out the confirmation and include it with your item.
A: Our service center will call you when your item is received. A follow-up call will be made for estimates. A last phone call will be placed at the time of shipment returning your item.
A: The movement of your watch is covered under warranty.
A: Bands, straps, buckles, and clasps are not covered under warranty. To purchase a new band, go to our online store and purchase it under accessories
A: The coating on your watch is not covered under warranty. We do not re-coat/re-plate watches in our repair center.
A: All items are shipped back via FedEx or UPS services. Your service must be paid for ahead of time and cleared for shipment by the IceLink Repair Department.
A: For technical and quality reasons, we do not deliver individual spare parts. Please send your item to our repair service center
A: Most watches are water-resistant. No watch is truly waterproof. A water-resistant watch has gaskets that help seal the case against average water pressure at a stated pressure or depth. A watch that is water-resistant to 3ATM, for example, is built to withstand the average pressure occurring at 99 feet or 30 meters below the ocean’s surface. However, unless the watch is labeled as a diver's watch, we do not recommend swimming with it.
Watch seals are generally designed to withstand only casual contact with water, such as splashes of water and rain. We also do not recommend you shower, enter steam rooms, or bathe while wearing your watch. Many agents, including steam, soap, mildew, salt water, perfume and chlorine can get into the watch, and if not cleaned immediately, the gaskets and seals can break down over time, allowing dust or moisture to penetrate the case and potentially damage the moving components of your watch.
A: For normal repairs such as battery changes, band replacement, jewelry sizing, you may consult your reputable local jeweler, however your warranty will be void once you do so, therefore it is highly suggested to send it to IceLink Repair Center and get it repaired directly through IceLink
A: Please allow 7 business days for a repair service.
A: Pack it securely in padded wrapping materials (for protection against shock) in a sturdy box sealed with tape. DO NOT use the gift box that came with your watch; it is not designed for shipping.
If still under warranty, please include your valid warranty card, or a copy of the original sales receipt from the authorized retailer.
Ship the item via the courier of your choice, but you may wish to choose a method that allows you to track the package. Remember to insure your watch for its full replacement value.
To ensure safe delivery, please do not put “IceLink” on the cover of the package.
A: Call us, email us, or come in to our IceLounge and we will tell you immediately whether you have an original IceLink or not