"Limited Edition" but Not Limitless

Rarefied Alpine air, a majestic set of world famous peaks, and stunning views that stretch across multiple countries.  Just like Zermatt, Switzerland, The IceLink Zermatt Watch Collection is clearly “the top” when it comes to experience. 

“Zermatt” is a numbered, limited-edition five-time zone collection of stunning men’s timepieces. Combining the creative extravagance of Los Angeles with the sophistication of Swiss savoir-faire, we  introduced a rectangular mechanical movement, ILMM1, which powers all five zones simultaneously.  


The Zermattcollection caters to collectors and connoisseurs; a limited edition collection with an assortment of ninety-nine, four-of-a-kind watches. Each timepiece has a series number emblazoned on a unique case.


A special one-of-a-kind ILMM1 mechanical movement powers all five time zones simultaneously—but the most amazing part is that this patented movement’s main timezone automatically sets the others.  


The IceLink Zermatt is built from modern brushed titanium, while accented with index options that range from practical to precious. It’s imposing case measures 63.32mm x 43.13mm and is divided into a sleek, clean grid, with exuding masculine appeal.

The unique collection features six functioning zones – five displaying the hour and minutes of New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, home zone, and one with the iconic IceLink logo with rotating seconds, perfectly synced for moguls and jetsetters all over the world.  The 5 cities have an open disc with night/day indicators, and are powered by IceLink’s ILMM1 mechanical movement.  Furthermore, the international dials simultaneously maintain five different time zones and have a power reserve of 48 hours.  The heart of the watch lies in the back of the case where the ILMM1 is revealed through a sapphire glass.   The deeply curved case ensures that the watch lies comfortably on the wrist with its emblazoned black rubber strap and signature logo buckle.