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IceLink's logo depicts a lioness, chosen for its symbolic meaning and attributes.   Like a lioness, the Sogoyan’s and the IceLink brand thrive on pride, invincibility, non-conformity, courage and beauty.   The lioness also conveys messages that are particularly resonant to the Sogoyan’s – stand tall, show authority, and lead with a loving heart. The lioness holds a torch emblazoned with the word "ice" – a material that is solid and enduring, and an essential element that preserves and sustains.   "Ice" alludes the diamond, a strong, beautiful, and timeless precious stone. "Link" is the connection between all that is essential and all that is cool, as well as the bridge between the wearer and the global time zones on his or her IceLink watch.

Watch out, Agent 006

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The number 6 has become a staple theme in the IceLink brand, and one that has great significance to the Sogoyan’s.   The number 6 has always been auspicious to the company.    Founder Andy Sogoyan was born on 06-06 in the 60's.   He started his first business on 6th Street in Los Angeles, and now IceLink's flagship boutique is located at 666 North Kilkea Drive (this is not a lie) in the same city.   Most importantly, however, the 6 Timezone watch has become the IceLink Signature Timepiece hailed in publications all over the world. Some may think this more than auspicious. We just think its really cool! Watch out for Agent 006 —the next best thing in horology.


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The Symbol of eternity and the company’s longevity is ever present in all facets of production. Longevity is a symbol that exists in the hearts and traditions of every culture in the human race. We are all Linked. The IceLink family embraces this eternal fire and unearths beauty with every time piece and jewel that is created. Feel the beauty, feel the pride. Treat yourself to an Eternity of Longevity. #GETLINKED