The Senator Collection

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What’s better than being on time? Being on time in six different time zones.

In an era of instant gratification, the 6 Time Zone timepieces defy conventional watch making but not without due respect for the value of finishing perfection. This series of timepieces nurtures a forceful identity under the name of “Senator” by displaying the time zones of six cities simultaneously. Geneva-based IceLink created this collection of luxury timepieces that keep the wearer globally connected and completely au courant with 6 different time zones displayed across an imposing 45 x 33mm case for the Small Case. The patented 6 time zone feature puts the craft of watch making on a brand new plane, and creates a compelling platform for infinite combinations of color, materials, textures and graphic elements. The collection plays on contradictions such as light and dark, subtle and dramatic, and vintage and modern to harmonious effect. Each watch comes with an additional strap or metal band which can be easily interchanged without the use of any tools.

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